At CRCC we provide comprehensive services and family support for children who are impairment-impacted and have special medical, developmental and cognitive needs – services that evoke maximum potential and foster the development of intellectual and social competence.

CRCC Remote
Oct 29, 2019
Full time
Job Description CRCC has developed a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club working with children/youth and their families to complement and enhance existing support and services. Services may include therapy, consultation, education for parents, training for agency members, and engagement activities. The Youth Counselor Advisor provides on-going assessment, crisis intervention, individual, family, and group therapy and case management services. Develops positive relationships with club members and staff, monitors treatment progress, documents interactions and maintains electronic clinical records and other reporting data for individuals with mild to severe mental illness and/or substance use disorders. Coordinates with internal as well as external supportive services to deliver needed services to clients. Collaborates with clinical supervisor, other team members regarding treatment. E ssential Duties: Provide services to referred child/youth/families. Provide person-centered assessment, goal planning, and treatment for mental health and/or substance use issues. Observe program participants in a variety of situations. Assess diagnosis and mental status of child/youth, evaluate current level of functioning, and develop and implement treatment/service plan to address their needs. Develop strength-based written treatment plans/updates and continuing care plans and make appropriate referrals, when necessary. Intervene and de-escalate crisis situations with program participants. Provide crisis intervention via telephone or face-to-face in a variety of settings. Assess risk of harm to self or others and arrange needed resources. Collaborate continuously with assigned child/youth/families in order to devise safety planning, provide symptom management, identify support systems, reduce and mitigate risk factors. Perform case management services as needed to assist referred child/youth/families to meet their goals as stated in their service/treatment plans. Assist referred child/youth/families in improving their well-being and quality of life by training in behavioral skills; educate participants to make informed choices; develop child/youth/family coping skills; help referred participants/families to problem solve and negotiate tasks of daily living. Collaborate with other clinicians, law enforcement, external providers, and psychiatrists to provide services to child/youth/families. Advocate for participants and maintain close and cooperative relationships with community agencies and other public agencies in carrying out treatment/service plans. Facilitate counseling groups and provide individual/family counseling as assigned. Advocate for child/youth/families in many different forums including local court systems, with family, and/or school system. Make formal presentations, participate in public speaking engagements, and provide consultation and education to community members and facility personnel.