Bryan Heartland Psychiatry Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant



Lincoln, NE 


Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), Licensed Mental Health Professional, Licensed Professional, Other Behavioral Health Positions, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (Psych NP)

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Full time

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Bryan Health - Bryan Heartland Psyciatry seeking an Advanced Practitioner with experience in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Principal Job Functions
  1. *Conducts patient assessments including obtaining a relevant health and medical history; performs a physical examination based on age and history; performs or orders preventive and diagnostic procedures based on the patient's age and history and identifies health and medical risk factors.
  2. *Diagnoses patients by synthesizing and analyzing the collected data; formulates a differential diagnosis based on the history, physical examination, and diagnostic test results.
  3. *Identifies and implements a patient treatment plan which may include ordering additional diagnostic tests; selects appropriate pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions; develops a patient education plan; makes appropriate treatment referrals.
  4. *Implements patient care plans based on scientific principles, theoretical knowledge, and clinical specialty expertise; accurately conducts and interprets diagnostic tests; accurately prescribes pharmacologic agents and non-pharmacologic therapies; provides relevant patient education; makes referrals to other health professionals and community agencies as needed.
  5. *Determines the effectiveness of patient treatment plans; documents patient care outcomes; reassesses and modifies treatment plans as necessary to achieve health and medical goals.
  6. *Accurately documents patient findings, treatment plans and evaluations; documents interventions appropriately to ensure coding compliance for reimbursement purposes.
  7. *Maintains patient confidentiality per departmental and facility protocols and procedures.
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Bryan Health 1600 S. 48th St
Lincoln, NE, United States

Phone: 402-481-8871
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