• Midtown Health
  • 302 West Phillip Avenue , Norfolk, NE
  • Sep 25, 2019
Full time Licensed Mental Health Professional

Job Description

The Licensed Mental Health Practitioner provides direct mental and behavioral health services to patients of Midtown Health Center. Position also involves assessment of the patient to determine needs, referral and related activities to help the patient obtain needed services, monitoring, follow-up, and evaluation.


Job Requirements

  1. Provides interventions as needed to MHC’s patients within area of expertise and limits of credentials.
  2. Provides therapeutic interventions, counseling and instruction about mental health needs.
  3. Completes appropriate assessments of patients to establish a foundation for treatment plans.
  4. Works with patients on a day-to-day basis using professional judgment and discretion to assure that patients obtain needed services and care.
  5. Assists in the development, implementation, and revision of individual or family treatment plans; assures that services provided are specified in the treatment plan and monitors progress toward treatment goals.
  6. Identifies patient’s insurance coverage or other sources of payment for services.
  7. Identifies and addresses patient’s risk factors and/or obstacles to care.
  8. Identifies patient’s needs, current services, and available resources, and then connects the patient to services and resources to meet the patient’s needs and goals of treatment.
  9. Communicates the care preferences of patients, serving as their advocate, and verifying that inventions meet the patient’s needs and goals of treatment.
  10. Serves as a liaison between the patient and primary care provider to resolve care concerns as they arise and collaborates with the primary care provider to assure care is provided in an integrated manner.
  11. Consults and cooperates with community systems to facilitate linkage, referral, crisis management, advocacy, and follow-up with the focus on attaining treatment goals.
  12. Keeps abreast of new information and materials by reviewing clearinghouse information, newsletters, and periodicals.
  13. Researches and designs educational materials as indicated by best practices and patients’ needs to assist in developing and obtaining personal health goals.

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