Residential Manager - Project Mother & Child Program

  • St, Monica's
  • Nov 27, 2019
Full time Other Behavioral Health Positions

Job Description

St. Monica's is hiring for a full-time Residential Manager in our Project Mother & Child program. 

  • Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday - 10:00am-6:00pm RM duties
  • Monday - 6:30am-2:30pm (Therapeutic Mentor shift)
  • Rotate weekly On-call duties with other Residential Managers

If you have a passion for empowering women and would like a rewarding career, apply today!

Job Summary: Responsible for the overall supervision of client needs upon entrance into St. Monica’s Project Mother & Child program (PMC) and coordination of residential operations and activities. The Residential Manager works as a part of the treatment team which includes coordinating with Clinical/Counseling, Medical, and Support staff in meeting the day-to-day client needs and issues. The Residential Manager supervises Therapeutic Mentors, serves as role model of professionalism and adheres to the philosophy of St. Monica’s - that we are a trauma informed substance abuse treatment program. These individuals perform all interactions with clients and staff in a trauma informed manner; abide by HIPAA and 42CFR confidentiality requirements, This includes all interactions with businesses, family members, friends of clients, and other agencies and the general public.



  • Responsible for scheduling and orienting new clients to the program utilizing the latest information; including handbook, welcome guidelines, programming schedule, and other reviewed and approved information.
  • Coordinates medical, clinical and case management/community support communication as it relates to effective client care.
  • Provides support to clients making every effort to ensure client engagement and retention are successfully accomplished by key staff with a focus on the first 30 days of service; and ensuring effective program orientation and stabilization by touching base with new clients daily during first couple weeks.
  • Ensures all intake and other necessary paperwork is completed and available for use. Oversees collection of client paperwork and forwards to Clinical Records Technician to be filed on a weekly basis.
  • Responsible for Client Fee collections.
  • Oversees and offers appropriate supportive direction to women and their interactions with their children, regarding parenting, when needed.
  • Provides thorough needs analysis and resource referral for each client, including basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and employment and education to determine interest and skill level, child care needs, medical needs, legal needs, transportation needs and community support.
  • Assists in problem solving resulting from the dynamics of community living.
  • Updates or revises Treatment Plans, as needed, to meet the ongoing needs of each client and to provide a cohesive plan of care.
  • Assists clients in applying for and obtaining general assistance, food stamps, PAP and other related resource assistance.
  • Works with and provides resources for successful transitions and discharges from program. Communicates with internal and external individuals and resources to ensure smooth transitions.
  • Is knowledgeable about typical ages and stages of children and reports any concerns about children’s development to the Family Therapist/Clinical Director.
  • Is aware of signs of emotional distress, child abuse and neglect and complies with mandatory reporting procedures for child abuse and neglect.
  • Guides mothers and children in resolving conflicts through positive strategies and communication.
  • Works with families to provide consistent behavior management of children.
  • Facilitates weekly house meetings with residents to review issues/concerns and mediate resolutions.
  • Assists with and participates in program planning, activities, and outcome achievement as requested.
  • Assists clinical staff with calling and screening all clients’ visitors to make sure they are appropriate to visit.
  • Participates as a member of the Health & Safety Committee. Provide oversight and review of programs facility inspection report and test plan analysis to ensure compliance and understanding of discrepancies.
  • Follows all agency and program policies and procedures including philosophy, confidentiality, ethics, and safety procedures. Provides consistency in applying policies and procedures, house rules, and other approaches with staff and clients.
  • Coordinates with clinical staff regarding client crises, treatment plans and consequences. Communicates treatment plans, consequences to mentors or instruction for appropriate client interaction.
  • Coordinate family and child visits with key staff, external entities, family and the client. 
  • Participate and assist with case coordination and team meetings as needed.
  • Participates in the recruitment of Therapeutic Mentors, as needed, which may include interviewing and recommendations for hiring, in conjunction with Human Resources and Clinical Director.
  • Supervises Therapeutic Mentors and provides orientation, training, performance evaluations, and problem solving of issues involving Therapeutic Mentors, in conjunction with Human Resources. Provides in-depth training of new mentor staff ensuring competency in key areas including a minimum of one weekly contact for the first 2 months of employment and quarterly refresher trainings as needed.
  • Insures each shift has adequate communication and follow through regarding the understanding and implementation of shift duties. Monthly, works at least one hour on each shift to maintain contact with 24/7 staff or schedules and documents meetings with 24 hour staff.
  • Ensures completion and quality of the Therapeutic Mentors’ tasks and documentation, to include UAs, shift notes, EMAR, monthly drills, CIRS, group documentations, etc.
  • Assists the Clinical Director with reviews of Critical Incident Reports (CIRs). As needed, will debrief the incident with Therapeutic Mentors involved and provide recommendations or additional training to prevent or appropriately respond to future incidents of similar nature.
  • Serves as backup Therapeutic Mentor to fill open shifts when/if needed.
  • Responsible for coordination of all aspects of Therapeutic Mentor time sheets, including vacation and sick leave approval, monitoring of usage, overtime, etc. Serves as back-up mentor to fill open shifts if/when needed.
  • Responsible for entering and maintaining documentation for performance issues in a timely manner for all staff supervised.
  • Responsible for monitoring and oversight of program budgetary aspects specific to mentor staff, food and supplies and facility expenses and coordinates purchasing, maintenance, and repair needs with Facility Manager. Coordinates monthly supply orders with Accounting Assistant, ensuring program has all household, cleaning, art, storage supplies.
  • Provides the planning, training and supervision for monthly mentor meetings in conjunction with other Residential Managers, insuring well attended, organized, and, beneficial content to enhance and increase the skill development of Therapeutic Mentors in carrying out their duties. Responsible for setting up the room, and all materials are present before meeting. Provides planning and supervision of trainings specific to each program in conjunction with the Clinical Manager and Human Resources.
  • Provides direction and support to Therapeutic Mentors regarding client non-therapeutic concerns, and coordinating and communicating with Clinical and Medical staff as needed.
  • Oversees that protocols for keeping client identified material and the locking of doors and file cabinets are followed per HIPAA and 42 CFR guidelines.
  • Oversees distribution of medication(s) to clients as directed by physician, psychiatrist, and/or Nurse Practitioner. Insures medication log book is up to date and checked daily to insure accurate documentation.
  • Responsible for Therapeutic Mentors following through with appropriate medication/medical procedures.
  • Responsible for being the contact and intermediary between Medical staff and Therapeutic Mentor staff regarding client’s medical needs and concerns.
  • Demonstrates and encourages a positive and helpful attitude toward clients, staff, and agency. Promoting a positive work environment.
  • Completes all monthly and Annual Relias online e-learning courses on time, in compliancewith state and accrediting organizations training requirements.
  • Maintains First Aid, CPR and Medication Aide certifications and completes all required CARF training
  • Attend at least two training sessions per year on cultural competency.
  • Participates in Management Team and Residential Manager meetings, as well as weekly clinical staffing meetings; participates in Board committee meetings as requested
  • On-Call 24/7 with Mentor concerns and staffing issues on a rotating basis with other Residential Managers.
  • Performs case management duties such as meeting with each client individually on a weekly basis to assist them with services such as Title Xx, food stamps, transportation, doctor’s visits and other case management needs.Facilitates case management group that offers information about services and living skills.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by management.

Job Requirements

High School diploma, GED, or equivalent certification; experience in a residential or group living treatment program; knowledge of substance abuse and mental health issues; Experience and/or education specific to Case Management required. Ability to work in cooperation with internal and external personnel and agencies; ability to work with and advocate for individuals with diverse backgrounds and diverse points of view; flexibility in responding to unique situations; ability to perform crisis intervention; CPR, First Aid, and Medication Aide certified; possess valid driver’s license; strong organizational, interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills; ability to perform comfortably in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented work environment; ability to successfully execute many complex tasks simultaneously; and ability to work as a team member, as well as independently.

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